Google Review

Sara is an excellent choice for anyone considering microblading and permanent eyeliner. I learned about the microblading process about a year ago. It appeared to be the perfect remedy for someone like myself who had been over plucking their eyebrows for years. Sara was recommended to me by a coworker earlier this year who is a client of Sara so I was able to see the quality of her work prior to having anything done myself. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of the hybrid brows Sara created for me. So pleased was I that I decided to go a step further and allow Sara to give me permanent eyeliner (something I thought I’d never actually do). Long story short, I am so impressed by Sara’s work that I even gifted a set of hybrid brows to a friend of mine. Because Sara is so talented, she is in high demand. If an exceptional job is what you are looking for, than Sara is who you should see. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment though, because her schedule fills up quickly and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to make a subtle, but life changing difference in your beauty regiment.

Florida Microblading