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Microblading is known under many names such as eyebrow embroidery, microstroking, feather…
Eyebrow Shading

Eyebrow Shading

Add a permanent shading to your eyebrows. Price $550
Eyelash Extensions by Sara @ Florida Microblading

Eyelash extensions

Applying extensions to the eyelashes is a practice that enhances the length,…
Lip blush

Lip Blush

Fuller perfectly colored lips, always. Price $650
Eyelash lift

Eyelash lift

Eyelash lift straightens your lashes from the roots up so they appear…
Lip Liner

Permanent lip liner

Permanent lip liner is a semi-permanent make up treatment to define lip…
Microblading Annual Touch-Up

Permanent Makeup

If you want permanent makeup in florida we here at florida microblading…

Permanent eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is a type of permanent makeup which applies tattoo on the…
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Cheryl Bailey-Durocher

I am so pleased with my eyebrow microblading and my eyelash extensions…I am from Canada and have my eyelashes done at home but have came to Sara for the last year and this year..she is so professional and sweet..I have… Read more “Cheryl Bailey-Durocher”

Cheryl Bailey-Durocher


Sarah is THE BEST! Highly recommend!!

Marcy L O'Donnell


Sara was recommended by a person whose eyebrows were stunning to me. Every time I saw this person, I stared at her eyebrows. She told me about Sara and how amazing, she was; she did not lie. Now I stare… Read more “Eyebrows”

Vickie Gainer

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Sara Bonakdar @ Florida Microblading

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Microblading covering tattoo or permanent makeup?

A common question is if someone can get microblading covering tattoo. “Am I a good candidate for microblading if I have previous PMU or tattoo works on my brows?” And my answer for most of the time is “No, microbladingRead more “Microblading covering tattoo or permanent makeup?”

Semi Permanent Eyebrows - microblading or shading

Semi permanent eyebrow (microblading or shading)

Semi permanent eyebrow gives the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly with your natural brow hair. The microblading technique is the result of 12 years research, design and development . We work with the β€œlandscape” of yourRead more “Semi permanent eyebrow (microblading or shading)”

Isolation is key in eyelash extensions

Isolation is key in eyelash extensions

Isolation is so important in eyelash extensions. Isolation is ?. With the classic application technique, one natural lash is isolated at a time and one extension is applied. If multiple natural lashes become glued to one lash extension, discomfort atRead more “Isolation is key in eyelash extensions”

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