Microblading covering tattoo or permanent makeup?

A common question is if someone can get microblading covering tattoo.

“Am I a good candidate for microblading if I have previous PMU or tattoo works on my brows?”

And my answer for most of the time is

“No, microblading will not last long on previous PMU or tattoo work.”

If a client is not interested in doing removal first, then I prefer to do Ombré or machine shading. But of course some still love to try or experience microblading so in that case we do microblading+machine shading which is the best option for them.


I love what Sara did to my eyebrows. Definitely she is a talented artist. My eyebrows look so good and natural.
Thank you Sara

Azar Borjian

Eyebrow Shading

At 71 years old, I was very nervous to have this procedure done. Not only was it tolerable as far as pain, my eyebrows look great! I would highly recommend this business. She was very thorough and took the extra time to explain the procedure beforehand.

Karen S. Pensyl

Amazing microblade work by Sara!

Sara is the best at microblading! Her work is perfect and meticulous, and she is such a professional. I am very pleased with the outcome of my appointment. She genuinely transformed the shape and fullness of my eyebrows. This process was worth every penny. Thank you Sara!

Tanya Iwanenko


I’ve hated my eyebrows since having them LASERED down to nothing in my 20s when thin was in. I was referred by a friend and thought about it long and hard before I went because…EYEBROWS. I mean if it were to be a hack job it would be pretty hard to hide. I checked out all of her work ahead of time and felt pretty confident when I booked. BEST MONEY I’VE EVER SPENT ON MYSELF. seriously. she really spent time making sure I was gonna love what was done. never felt rushed or pressured. after my second appointment for a touch up I am so happy. you can’t tell where my natural brow hair ends and the microblading begins. I even looked in a high power mirror. can’t tell. It’s really amazing. highly highly highly recommend to everyone I know!

Sonora spivey

Very talented and amazing!!

Sara is absolutely amazing!! I had wanted to do my eyebrows for a long time and did the research. She is so talented and my eyebrows are amazing! If you are looking to get your eyebrows done, Sara is the one to go to.

Leah Victoria Luke


I have been wanting to get microblading done for over a year but was afraid to do it because of all the horror stories and pictures I have seen. I did a lot of research, I mean a lot! We have a lot of people in the panhandle offering microblading services so it took me awhile to decide to go to Sara at Florida Microblading. She has the best reviews around here and I loved her work. I had very little brow hair to start with and one of my brows was lower then the other. Sara and I talked about bringing my lower brow up to match the other one rather than just following my natural brows. I am so glad we did! It makes such a difference in my appearance. It took an extra touchup for me to get the brows that I wanted. It didn’t seem like the pigment and my skin were cooperating much. LOL. I also had her go a little darker on the second touchup. I did freak out a little right after I got them done because I wasn’t used to seeing brows that were so perfect! It took me a little bit to get used to them. Now everything is healed and I love my new brows! She doesn’t numb on the first pass but it didn’t really hurt. After the first pass she numbs you and you don’t feel anything. The most pain I felt is when she plucked some of my hairs when she was finished. If you are on the fence on getting microblading done don’t be Sara will make your brows look beautiful!

Heather Crawford

Very good service

Very good service

Betti Araghi

I feel pretty

I love my visits with Sarah, not only does she make me feel beautiful! But she is soothing and relaxing. If you want to pamper yourself schedule time with one of Sarah’s services today

Martha Dunning


Sara is absolutely amazing. She is so skilled at her work that people had no idea I had my eyebrows microbladed, even the same day! She makes everything look so natural and makes sure it keep her clients comfortable. I am so happy to have found her after a horrible microblading experience at another “salon” in Panama City Beach. I will definitely highly recommend her to everyone wanting to get their brows done. Remember, you pay for what you get! It’s worth the price for the quality of work you get.

Chelsea Thomas

You will not be disappointed!

My wife, Janet, talked for two years about getting permanent eyeliner and eyebrows but never found someone/somewhere she was comfortable with. While on vacation in Panama City Beach in late September 2019, Janet found some great online reviews about Sara at Florida Microblading. After contacting her, Sara worked Janet in for an appointment for the eyeliner, and we were so happy with Sara, the process, and the results, that Janet also had the eyebrow microblading procedure done by Sara a few days later. Sara was incredibly patient with Janet and really listened to what she had to say about what she wanted – a very important thing to my wife, a former hairdresser. Sara paid attention to all the little details that matter and left both of us very happy with the results. You might find someone who advertises providing these services cheaper, but you won’t find anyone who does it better, more patiently and professionally, or that will leave you with that feeling that you really made a great choice that you’ll get if you trust Sara for her expertise.

Janet Swack

Sara is an artist!

I’m beyond happy with my experience! Sara is a true artist! She is professional, takes her time with you and truly listens to what you are looking for! She does beautiful work and I would not go anywhere else! I highly recommend her. If are even a bit skeptical about having anything done, she is definitely the one to go to!

Debbie L Chitwood


I am absolutely in love with my brows. Sara is amazing! I did my research before choosing her and I’m so glad I did!

Lauren C


My testimonial is simple….I love, love, the magic that Sara did on my eyebrows! Sara is very skilled and pays close attention to detail. So glad I decided to have my brows microbladed by a professional plus the posted pictures are actually me! Thanks Sarah….you’re the best!

Bonnie Hall

Very professional and amazing job!!!

Sara is absolutely doing a very professional and amazing job. I had microblading and eyeliner done and I’m very happy with them. She does not rush and takes her time. She definitely makes sure that you walk out happy. I keep going back to her all the way from Alabama. Highly Recommend!!!

Amanda Yesil

I finally have eyebrows!!

Being a natural blonde and very light skinned, I didn’t naturally have eyebrows that were very visible. When I would actually do my makeup, which was rare, I would have to color them in. Most days I would just get up and go, so they wouldn’t get done. I decided that getting them microbladed would be the best option for me as it’s semi-permanent and I wouldn’t lose any time in the mornings. I already go to Eden Salon and Spa for my hair services with Krista, so it made sense that I would book with Sara, who’s also there, for microblading. Sara was absolutely amazing and I now have beautiful eyebrows that I am so proud to show off. Thanks Sara, can’t wait for the touch-ups, I never want to lose these eyebrows!

Cassandra Ryno


Sara was recommended by a person whose eyebrows were stunning to me. Every time I saw this person, I stared at her eyebrows. She told me about Sara and how amazing, she was; she did not lie. Now I stare in the mirror at my own eyebrows. Sara is a true professional who is clearly skilled at microblading and shading. I highly recommend Sara. She really is awesome!

Vickie Gainer

Sarah is the Best in Bay and Walton Counties

Sarah has been microblading my brows for years! I don’t know what I’d do without her! I have sensitive skin and microblading is the perfect treatment!

Jonnie Smallman

Love my new eyebrows!!

I had been thinking about microblading for a long time before I finally decided to do it. I did my research and after seeing the beautiful work that Sara does, I knew I didn’t wait to go to anyone else! Sara’s work is truly an art! She takes her time to draw out a beautiful pair of eyebrows for you that fit your face. She then takes her time with each stroke to make your eyebrows look as natural as possible. I love my new eyebrows and love that for the next year+ that it is something less I must worry about when I get ready for the day! If you are thinking about getting your eyebrows done, don’t trust anyone but Sara!! You will not regret it and will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!! Thank you, Sara!! <3

Tara Mizell

Magnificent results!

Sara is so talented and makes no mistakes! I was so afraid to get my eyebrows done, and the first person that did them disappointed me so much. They didn’t feel or look natural at all. I went to Sara to fix the mistakes made by the other person, and she didn’t disappoint at all! I go back faithfully, even though I now live in Tennessee. She also did my lips, and I am going on 3 years and the color is still there. I consider Sara a friend because she treats me so kindly when I see her. I will continue to come to Florida Microblading as long as I am able!

Cheryl Cruse

Thank you so much to Sara!!!

Sara I would like to say to You Thank you so much for you perfect work on my eyebrows. I like them. Good shape and look natural:) I am so happy!!!

Elena Versace

Hybrid eyebrows

I was very nervous but Sarah was very patient with me and answered all my questions beforehand. I had an initial consult before actually getting the hybrid brow procedure. I was so very happy with the results. I’ve just completed my 6 month touch up and I have no regrets. It’s such a time saver and I’m just so happy to always look in the mirror and see perfect brows! Highly recommend Sarah. She’s a perfectionist and comes with so much experience, professionalism and extensive training. I followed her on social media for months and loved her work, before I called. You will not be disappointed!

Angela Seiffer

This is a must!

Sarah is absolutely amazing! I waited for years struggling to decide if I should do this. I was worried it would hurt and what if whoever did my brows would mess them up.
I am beyond happy I finally decided to go thru with it and went with Sarah! She is so sweet and personable and her work speaks for itself. She did an absolutely amazing job on my brows. I have been to her several times now! She’s the only one I will let touch my brows. If you are questioning having your brows done – DON’T! You have found the right one to do them. They look so natural and no one can tell otherwise. When I tell people I have had them microbladed they can’t believe it. Sarah is your go to girl!!! Give her a call!

Cody Patron

Simply Amazing Talent!

After many months of considering microblading I finally did it. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? Sara was amazing. She talked to me about what I wanted and then she recommended the hybrid method based on her extensive experience. I couldn’t be happier. No longer have to spend time on my eyebrows – they look great!! Thank you, Sara!

Kim Ellis


Perfection is the best way to describe how my Microblading experience was! Sara listens to what you want and also helps you figure out which process, shape, style, etc works best for you. She is so easy to work with! I get complements all the time on my brows. I love how I can just get up and go on busy days without feeling like I look like a zombie. I feel Sara has given me so much more confidence! Love her!

Erin Ostby

Microblading Eyebrows – She saved my face!

A year ago I went to a lady who said she did “microbladding” but boy was she wrong, I walked out horrified. For a year I walked around with a dark sharp line that didn’t match my brow, face or any part of me. I was so embarrassed I wanted to cover my face!! Until I found Sara, she completely saved my brows and now I get complimented daily! I cannot express how much of a blessing her talent has been to me!

Blaire Sierra

Best thing I have ever done to my face

I hated my eyebrows until I met Sara at Florida Microblading! She transformed them into to magic. Love the way the complement my face. Don’t even have to fill them in which is nice when you don’t have time in the morning to get ready. Recently I got shading done and I am 100 percent in love with the way they look. Sara is so talented at what she does.

Melissa Vann

Talented Artist in PCB

Sarah appeared to me on my Instagram timeline one day and I immediately booked my appointment after reviewing her work. I had my brows mb in Atlanta beforehand and while the work was decent, I could tell the difference in Sarah’s technique. She’s a real artist. She took her time on me and my brows have never looked so natural and full. I would recommend her work to anyone!!

Felicia Bosland
A Polished Look

A polished look

As women get older eyebrows tend to disappear, especially thinning at the end of a natural brow..
if i penciled my brows to fillin either my hand was too heavy or too long.
The answer for me was a visit to a professional and trained microblading, Sara Bonakdar, who is at Eden Salon in Panama City Beach. This is not like the old fashion tattoo with a straight line. This is a technique looks like individual hair strokes!
Microblading gives my brows a natural look!

Strokes look real. No one can tell either. Take a look below!

Glenda Dudley

Best eyebrows ever!

Thanks to Sara, I no longer hate my overplucked eyebrows.

Melissa Vann

The bees knees!

Sara was wonderful! Quick response time. Extremely pleased with the results from my microblading and shading. Will definitely be a return customer for a long time to come

Alexa N.

Truly Gifted Artist

Where do I begin. Sara’s work on my previously nonexistent brows has completely transformed my face ? Not only is she talented, Sara is incredibly knowledgeable about her craft and is excellent at understanding her clients needs. Ladies (and gentlemen) please invest in your face- Sara is the best, and worth every single penny. As she says- she will not leave you until you’re happy with your eyebrows. Trust me you’ll be happy!

Waithira Hansen

Amazing experience! Highly rec!

Sara does amazing work! I used to be so conscious of my eyebrows – their shape, thickness, – I couldn’t tell her one thing I liked about them. Microblading has helped me be less conscious and feel confident enough to leave my house without filling in my brows!

Amanda Burns

Sara Bonakdar

Sara did an amazing job on my brows and liner! I was very hesitant, as I have never been one to wear a lot of make-up. Turns out, it was perfect! Five minutes in the morning to moisturize and powder and I’m out the door.
Sara will spend the time with you to make sure you get exactly the look YOU want. Several sessions ensure that every detail is just right. I can’t recommend Sara highly enough!


Brows and eyeliner Oh my!

Sara changed my life forever with a good eye and mad skills. I had thin brows that I darkened with a thin brow filler. When I walked out after she completed the microblading I could not stop starring at the change it made in my face. The brows frame your eyes and what a difference it made to actually have noticeable brows. My husband loves the new look and I’ve received several complements on how natural my brows look. I can’t tell you how many ladies get in my face to look closer at my brows, they look that natural! Lol.
Before I met Sara I had someone else do eyeliner and this year I asked Sara to give me a long overdue repair and update. My eyeliner is amazing now. My morning routine is a bit of shadow and mascara and time for more coffee. Sara has amazing skills and i promise you’ll be thrilled with the results and basking in complements.

Judi Gannaway

Fabulous Service

Had my eyebrows microblading and eyelash extensions done by Sara. Very happy to have my eyebrows back.
Strongly recommend Sara!!! She takes times and extra cares with service she’s doing. I love my eyebrows and eyelash extensions.

Vicki Sasser

Sara is awesome!

I am so happy with my eyebrows! Sara is so nice and so professional! She is definitely worth the drive from Enterprise, AL! I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much Sara! 🙂

Tracy Peebles

In love with my Brows!

I wanted my brows microbladed for years after someone hacked most of them off. I’ve been filling them in since then. I am a makeup artist and I need perfect brows. Well, Sara made this happen. At first I was very skeptic because this is semi-permanent. So that can be scary. So I follweoee her for months and saw what a great job she did. I am a true believer because mine look amazing and Perfect. Don’t be frightened by the healing process… it most definitely goes through stages. But the ending product is fantastic.

Tara Russo

Highly Professional & Skilled Artist

I’ve been going to Sara for a few years now to receive various skin / body, beauty treatments.
She is highly skilled, Knowledgeable and treats her clients with great respect and love.
I’d recommend everyone out there to go to her to receive your beauty treatment Services that she offers as she is a master of her art!

Bushra Khan

Love my eyebrows!!!! ?

I’ve been wanting microblading done for a very long time I’ve been searching for someone and finally found Florida microblading and she truly does an amazing job I’ve been following her on Instagram watching closely at her art/work and finally decided to book an appointment and I am more than pleased with the outcome she did an awesome job and was very professional and sweet, I felt comfortable and it was definitely worth every penny! Thanks so much for the confidence I now have with having full brows!

Jamie Hewitt


I wanted microblading for a while and somehow Sara found me online and i watched her works for a while,iuntil I decided to come. I was very scared bc i had a very unpleasant visit with another artist that made my eyebrows look super fake and red( even yhough i brpught the color i wanted) , she was very careless and seemed like she didn’t really give any Crap about what i want , UNLIKE SARA! Sara made feel very comfortable, explained everything , took good time to do,d the right shape , color , followed up with me and made me very happy fixing what i had and now a year later , i had a touch up not that i needed one, but wanted more full look ,and again Sara took an amazi,g care of me ! I keep recomending her to everyone i know and all my friends that had seen her are very happy too! Thanks again Sara???

Anna Pokhilko


I started noticing the outer third of my eyebrows disappearing in my thirties. They only got worse over time and by the time I hit my 50s, I decided enough was enough. Years of having to use a brow pencil and template to frame my face are gone forever. Sara is very professional and knows how to shape and match your color so that you get natural but full looking eyebrows. My morning routine is now so much less hassle. Sara gave me eyebrows that look so natural, like I had in my twenties. I cannot say enough about her. She is precise in her work and takes the time to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the results. Did I mention that she also gives the best facial in the area?

Aline Trussell


Sara is amazing and very talented! I got microblading plus shading and it has been life changing. I was so insecure about my brows. I’m so glad I found her. Make sure you do your research. I followed her work for almost a year before I made the decision to get my brows done. Best decision I’ve ever made. I traveled from Navarre FL just to see her. The healing process was easy as long as you follow her instructions. Remember cheaper isn’t always better! Thank you again Sara!

Jae S.

Great experience

I drove 2 hours away for the processional experience of microblading. Without a doubt I will return for my touch ups. Microblading helped me achieve the perfect look.

Chelsea Hyde



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  1. I am interested in learning microblading. Your website was the one which interested me most. Your work is lovely!

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