Permanent eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is a type of permanent makeup which applies tattoo on the eyelid to resemble makeup.

Love my Eyeliner!

Sarah did such an awesome job! She is a perfectionist!! So sweet and patient too, I’m such a baby for pain. She made sure that I was as comfortable as can be. The eyeliner is so perfect and awesome! Highly recommend!

Kelley Bower
May 25, 2017

I feel pretty

I love my visits with Sarah, not only does she make me feel beautiful! But she is soothing and relaxing. If you want to pamper yourself schedule time with one of Sarah’s services today

Martha Dunning
May 13, 2018

Very professional and amazing job!!!

Sara is absolutely doing a very professional and amazing job. I had microblading and eyeliner done and I’m very happy with them. She does not rush and takes her time. She definitely makes sure that you walk out happy. I keep going back to her all the way from Alabama. Highly Recommend!!!

Amanda Yesil
January 18, 2018

Sara Bonakdar

Sara did an amazing job on my brows and liner! I was very hesitant, as I have never been one to wear a lot of make-up. Turns out, it was perfect! Five minutes in the morning to moisturize and powder and I’m out the door.
Sara will spend the time with you to make sure you get exactly the look YOU want. Several sessions ensure that every detail is just right. I can’t recommend Sara highly enough!

October 13, 2017

Brows and eyeliner Oh my!

Sara changed my life forever with a good eye and mad skills. I had thin brows that I darkened with a thin brow filler. When I walked out after she completed the microblading I could not stop starring at the change it made in my face. The brows frame your eyes and what a difference it made to actually have noticeable brows. My husband loves the new look and I’ve received several complements on how natural my brows look. I can’t tell you how many ladies get in my face to look closer at my brows, they look that natural! Lol.
Before I met Sara I had someone else do eyeliner and this year I asked Sara to give me a long overdue repair and update. My eyeliner is amazing now. My morning routine is a bit of shadow and mascara and time for more coffee. Sara has amazing skills and i promise you’ll be thrilled with the results and basking in complements.

Judi Gannaway
April 27, 2017


The results will be immediate and create a permanent eyeliner that has no need for additional makeup. At first the eyeliner will look darker than it will be after the ink sets and the skin heals from its initial rash.


As with all tattoos, the pigments of the ink may fade to some degree and may need a refill to stay beautiful. The time period for fading is individual depending on skin, how deep the pigments go and exposure to sunlight.


Permanent eyeliners can become too dark, wrong color, uneven or just too big. These are pitfalls that an experienced artist should avoid. However, there are ways to adjust an already applied eyeliner. This can be done with laser, covering parts with lighter ink or apply new pigments to make it more even.


Price: $480 (touch-up included)
Deposit: $104 (deductible, non refundable)


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We also offer microblading which is a permanent eyebrow tattoo using razor thin lines of pigments to create a most natural-looking eyebrow.