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Sara is a true expert. I had semi-permanent lip blush done to restore natural color to my pale, faded lips. On my initial appointment I was so nervous about “getting a tattoo” that I told Sara to do it so lightly that even if it all comes off I’m okay with paying to do it all over again. She listened to exactly what I wanted and it looked good immediately after and then it came off, as expected. Then I got my touch up appointment and I told Sara I was ready to let her do the full procedure, how she normally does it, and she did. Of course I was very swollen and my lips were bright red like I was wearing red hot lipstick, but now that they’ve peeled and healed they look so natural and perfect. It looks like I’m not wearing any lipstick but that I don’t need any because I have a perfect amount of color. She gave me the perfect natural shade of pink and no lines and nothing looks fake. She truly restored the natural color to my lips and although it is subtle, I can tell the difference. Someone even asked me if I got lip fillers (I didn’t) because my lips looked amazing. I am so impressed with Sara’s work that I’m going to have her do my eyebrows next!

Florida Microblading