Brows and eyeliner Oh my!

Judi Gannaway

Sara changed my life forever with a good eye and mad skills. I had thin brows that I darkened with a thin brow filler. When I walked out after she completed the microblading I could not stop starring at the change it made in my face. The brows frame your eyes and what a difference it made to actually have noticeable brows. My husband loves the new look and I’ve received several complements on how natural my brows look. I can’t tell you how many ladies get in my face to look closer at my brows, they look that natural! Lol.
Before I met Sara I had someone else do eyeliner and this year I asked Sara to give me a long overdue repair and update. My eyeliner is amazing now. My morning routine is a bit of shadow and mascara and time for more coffee. Sara has amazing skills and i promise you’ll be thrilled with the results and basking in complements.

Microblading, Permanent Eyeliner