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Testimonials given by customers. If you have ever visited me, I would love to get your review!


Great Service!

Sara is excellent at what she does! I recently moved to Florida and needed a new local place to get my eyelash extensions done and I found Sara. She takes her time and shows a real interest in her clients. She’s also full of knowledge and educates about that service you are receiving! I definitely recommend her.

Lindsay Schafer
July 1, 2017

Great experience

I drove 2 hours away for the processional experience of microblading. Without a doubt I will return for my touch ups. Microblading helped me achieve the perfect look.

Chelsea Hyde
July 24, 2017


I wanted microblading for a while and somehow Sara found me online and i watched her works for a while,iuntil I decided to come. I was very scared bc i had a very unpleasant visit with another artist that made my eyebrows look super fake and red( even yhough i brpught the color i wanted) , she was very careless and seemed like she didn’t really give any Crap about what i want , UNLIKE SARA! Sara made feel very comfortable, explained everything , took good time to do,d the right shape , color , followed up with me and made me very happy fixing what i had and now a year later , i had a touch up not that i needed one, but wanted more full look ,and again Sara took an amazi,g care of me ! I keep recomending her to everyone i know and all my friends that had seen her are very happy too! Thanks again Sara???

Anna Pokhilko
July 24, 2017


Sarah is THE BEST! Highly recommend!!

Marcy L O'Donnell
July 30, 2017

Best eyebrows ever!

Thanks to Sara, I no longer hate my overplucked eyebrows.

Melissa Vann
August 25, 2017


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